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Run Tomorrow

“Run Tomorrow” is a social movement that was begun in 2011, whose aim is to realize a dementia friendly society. People with dementia, their families, friends, young people, and elderly people will together run a short distance, and traverse  the Japan islands by passing on the sash to the next person.
It started as a tiny movement where 171 people ran a distance of 300 km from Hakodate city to Sapporo city in Hokkaido. 4 years later in 2015, it has expanded into a huge project involving 8,000 people, running a total distance of 3,000 km from Hokkaido to Kyushu.
[Link to the Run Tomorrow web site]  (in Japanese)
Dementia Friendship Club
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Awarded the best 30 micro-documentaries of “Innovators around the World” Micro-Documentary Salon

“Run Tomorrow – Living with Dementia” became one of the best 30 micro-documentaries of “Innovators around the World” Micro-Documentary Salon. “Innovators around the World” Maicro-Documantary Salon is one of the important events of the 6th Beijing International Film Festival Documentary Sector. This year, we received more than 700 micro-documentaries from 110 countries and selected best 30 micro-documentaries. These best micro-documentaries were screened in our event. It is our great pleasure to inform you that Yasuhiro Tamura’s work RUN TOMORROW – LIVING WITH DEMENTIA became one of the best 30 micro-documentaries of “Innovators around the World” Micoro-Documentary Salon. – NEWKEERMICRO Doc Union, April, 2016 – [Ref] Run Tomorrow Web site Main …

Awarded the FWA “SITE OF THE DAY APRIL 24 2016”

“Run Tomorrow – Living with Dementia”, which is an online website designed by LETTERS, INC, has been awarded the FWA “SITE OF THE DAY APRIL 24 2016”. FWA stands for Favourite Website Awards, an industry recognised internet award programme and inspirational portal, established in May 2000. FWA was the first online award programme to receive over 200,000,000 site visitors. SITE OF THE DAY APRIL 24 2016 (FWA) LETTERS, INC.    

DFJI/Run Tomorrow given positive coverage by Alzheimer’s Disease International

DFJI and Run Tomorrow receive praise and prominence in the latest Alzheimer’s Disease International Dementia Friendly Communities (Key Principles) report. The Dementia Friendly Japan Initiative which supports the annual Run Tomorrow initiative are delighted with the prominent coverage given to both our organisation and the Run Tomorrow initiative by Alzheimer’s Disease International in its latest Dementia Friendly Communities (Key Principles) report. Coverage of this magnitude amplifies our efforts and outcomes and is an invaluable asset. Dementia Friendly Communities – Resources Dementia friendly communities: Key principles Dementia friendly communities: Global developments   Dementia Friendly Communities – Resources | Alzheimer’s Disease International We produced a report on the key …

Offically nominated for the “Film for (a better) Future” Festival

“Run Tomorrow – Living with Dementia”,  which is an online short film by EXIT FILM inc, has been nominated for the Film for (a better) Future” Festival. The 2016 “Film for (a better) Future” Festival will be held at the Pinch ‘n’ Ouch Theatre in Atlanta, GA and will take place on May 1-25.     The 2016 Film for (a better) Future Festival–a-better–future—film-festival “Run Tomorrow – Living with Dementia” web site Film for (a better) Future invites filmmakers to create and share stories that drive change. The festival celebrates the art of filmmaking. We encourage filmmakers to subjectively define “change” in their own words and creatively reflect their unique …

Selected for the “DOTD (March 14, 2016)” DESIGN AWARDS.ASIA

“Run Tomorrow – Living with Dementia”,  which is an online short film by EXIT FILM inc, has been selected as the “DOTD (Desigh of the DAY) – MARCH 14, 2016″ of DesignAwards.Asia DOTD – March 14, 2016 (DesignAwards.Asia)  

Released: A new web site and short movies on Run Tomorrow

Demetia Friendship Club has released a new web site and short movies on Run Tomorrow. the new web site Main movie; RUN TOMORROW Making movie: BEHIND THE SCENE – RUN TOMORROW “RUN TOMORROW” is a long distance relay with people living with dementia, a sash handed over one by one across communities in Japan. Our aim is to create a community where people living with dementia can live safely and comfortably in any town. This project was started to support RUN TOMORROW’s activities. In Japan, there are people who want to overcome various misunderstandings and prejudices about dementia, and be the heroes/heroines in their own lives. There are also people who want …