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A review from James McKillop on “Words for a Journey: The Art of Being with Dementia”

We have received a very positive response to our book “Words for a Journey” from James McKillop. James, from Scotland, has been living with dementia for the last 15 years. He visited Japan in November 2015.

Thank you, James. We are delighted to receive your message!

James in Japan 3.eng

Dear Takashi and Makoto

This is James McKillop here, from Glasgow, Scotland. I was in Japan in November 2015 and at a meeting someone kindly gave me the above mentioned book (and cards), written in English.

I had a careful read of the book, and to say I was very impressed is an understatement. It is clearly one of the best books about dementia I have ever read.

Many of the situations have already applied to my life with dementia. I wish it had been available when I was diagnosed many years ago. My wife and I had to learn the hard way. Thankfully, now others will not have to go through the same horrendous journey we did.

As a person living with dementia, I found it very easy to follow and understand. I found every statement to be so true, extremely helpful and full of insight into how life with dementia really is: living from day to day with a difficult, deteriorating illness.

The book is not an academic exercise, but speaks to you from the heart, person to person. I felt my best friend was speaking to me and this gave me great comfort.

One of my mantras is that people in Japan are no different from the people in Scotland. They want a lovely home life, hobbies, a fulfilling job, a beautiful wife and happy children. I could see no cultural differences in the book.

In fact, I can see it going worldwide, as many people in other countries, France, Spain, Italy etc can speak English.

Best wishes for the future
Keep well and happy


James McKillop

Ref-1:Living with Dementia – Personal experiences of living with dementia by James McKillop
Ref-2:Link to Amazon; Words for a Journey

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