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DFJI serves as a platform for companies, groups and people who are interested in creating and promoting dementia-friendly communities in Japan through their voluntary projects. Here are some examples of DFJI’s official projects.
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– Run Tomorrow
– HistoryPin
– Words for a Journey
– Fragrance

The Format of the Words for a Journey – Pattern Language

Pattern Language is an idea proposed by architect Christopher Alexander for scribing out people’s knowledge. Alexander found repeatedly seen relationships between objects in a beautiful towns and buildings, and decided to call them “patterns”. He suggested collecting these patterns into one collection so it would become a “language” to be shared among people, so that everyone can join in on the building process of houses and towns. This organized format of writing out the context, problem, and solution of practical knowledge is used in many fields – its largest being software design – to enhance the creativity of people. Takashi Iba, associate professor at Keio University, is the pioneer in …

Workshop of the Fragrance Project (Photos)

Photos of the Fragrance Project at the Dementia Friendly Japan Summit 2014 (DFJS2014) . Fragrance Project held a workshop at the DFJS2014, the 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo, July 6th.        

Bridging Communities : Sharing Our Memories (Fujinomiya Project)

Through photos, efforts to create a place where trans-generational exchange, including senior citizens with dementia, can engage in exchanges. In the winter of 2014, high school students from Shizuoka prefectural Fugaku-kan, set up an interactive event involving local senior citizens, using old photos from Fujinomiya. This interactive event was held in the Fujinomiya Station Shopping Street.